Bridgewater Associates was incorporated in a small home office by John Evers in 1970. There, he set out to develop a strategic offering of manufacturing services for New England based companies. These companies needed a variety of mfg. services for the influx of OEM products being created here in the early 70’s. This was a very exciting time for manufacturing in the US. Polaroid, Raytheon, Honeywell, Texas Instruments, and Wang were some of the big players early on. Bridgewater worked with many of these companies helping them source quality parts to develop their innovative and unique products.

As Bridgewater grew, it’s client base grew as well. Today we continually strive to service this growing list with services such as engineering assistance, online quoting and rapid prototyping while making sure that our relationships with our customers remain one of our biggest assets.

We continue to service new product designs not only in New England, but all over the US. Our group of manufacturers reflects this, and continues to be a strength for our company’s growth.