We offer Prototyping, Finishing & Painting for all of our plastic processes. ISO Certified shops and a variety of manufacturing methods set us apart from any other plastic and plastic composite source.

Plastic injection mold part

Plastic Injection Molding
The “PIM” process will allow you unparalleled detail in your design. You can emboss micro lettering into your mold, hold tolerances of .005 and mold intricate details such as tabs and surface finishes right into your part with no problem. We can cater to larger parts with a 385 Tons (46 oz. shot) press. With up to 528 clamp tonnage and 66 ounce shot capacity, we can handle most calls for single shot, multiple shot, or over molding components. Parts with a higher EAU lend themselves to this process as PIM is very cost effective for larger quantities. Some Commonly Molded Plastics Include: Polystyrene ABS, Polypropylene, Polyethylene and Polyvinyl Chloride. Rapid Prototyping, Mold Design and Machining available.

custom plastic chemical composite parts

Plastic Composites
Often times, composites can be a perfect substitute for conventional metal when things such as weight, part life, maintenance and cost are critical factors.
Benefits include: noise reduction, design flexibility, lower energy consumption, color choices, increased durability, abrasion resistance and hydrolytic stability.
MIL spec certified, ISO Certified, Rapid Prototyping, finishing, plating and painting available.
Partial List of Materials Available: Acoustic/Signature Reducing Materials Thermosets & Thermoplastics, Urethanes High Temp Silicones, Rubbers Polycarbonates, Radiopaque/ Radiotransparent Materials Epoxies and Resin Systems, Natural and Synthetic Rubbers Filled/Unfilled Materials, Carbon Nanotubes Fiber Reinforced Materials: Kevlar® and Carbon Fiber Conductive and Dissapative Compounds, Self-lubricating Materials.

extruded plastic quotes

Plastic Extrusions
Thermal plastic extruding can offer a range of attrative benefits from cost reduction to color options and weight solutions. In addition to Tubing, Profiles and Co-Extrusions, we can offer you punching, sealing and fabrication services as well.

Custom Profile Tubing from .125″ to 4″ dia. in most thermoplastic matl. Interior, exterior and UV options available.
Custom Profile Extrusions under our vacuum process can hold tight tolerances, and produce profiles 1/8″ to 8″ wide.
Co-Extrusions are also capable of holding tight tolerances in small and large profiles. Available in interior, exterior, uv and high heat options.
Post Extrusion Fabrication includes punching, drilling, cutting, notching, welding and tape applications.

Color choice is always your option. Let us quote your next Plastic Extrusion Project, and you’ll see that we have very competitive prices, and great delivery of a great product!

pressure forming plastics

Pressure Forming
For smaller volume runs, pressure forming offers injection-molded quality and details. The pressure applied (up to 100 pounds per square inch) is approximately five times higher than with vacuum forming, which makes it possible to obtain highly detailed parts and textured finishes. Advantages are sharp edges, undercuts, and other close tolerance details. You receive a product with the look and feel of an injection or structural foam molded part.

plastic vaccum forming

Vacuum Forming
Our vacuum-forming systems can take sheet plastics like thermoplastic, ABS, EPS, polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride in thicknesses up to .375″ and sheet sizes of 48″ x 72″ . We form them to your custom specifications. Typical tolerances for Thermoformed Parts are ± 0.008 to ± 0.002.

plastic fabrication assembly

Custom Plastic FabricationBending, welding, punching and bonding complex plastic fabrications in a wide range of sizes is one of our specialties. Processes are typically plastic welding, drilling, millling and cutting to attain these high quality assemblies.
We can work in a variety of plastics from ABS to combining plastics with metals, and other third party parts you may need professionally assembled.