We simplify your sourcing efforts
With one point person who takes care of it all for you, we can supply you with quotes for almost any metal or plastic manufacturing process. If you need to place multiple parts, there’s no need to contact multiple vendors – we will find the best suited and lowest cost shop for your needs.

You’ll work smart, not hard!
We’ll be your extra set of eyes and ears when you take your project from RFQ to production. We help you keep it all on track and can also offer cost savings and engineering support.

Benefit from our experience
After 48 years in the business, we have the experience it takes to deliver custom, high quality metal and plastic parts.

Cost reductions
Due to our multi-source capabilities and cross over in technology, we find in some cases that we can offer alternate methods of making a part. When we do suggest an alternate method, we sometimes find not only a more suitable solution, but significant cost reductions as well.

Versatile Capabilities
As well as our primary US manufacturers, we are aligned with several offshore manufacturers to service projects that may have certain requirements. All the shops we partner with vary in size and have a variety of certification qualifications. Some are ISO certified, some utilize state of the art X-ray and testing procedures, some will adhere to Mil Specs – while other non ISO shops are tailored specifically for short run and prototyping needs. All of our work is placed by the individual needs of each project.