Sheet Metal

custom sheet metal fab

Design for manufacturability;
Our Sheet Metal Manufacturers have been producing quality sheet metal parts for over 50 years. Providing you with added value at every stage of a project – from consulting during the design phase to solving problems during production. Committed to working within your budgets, deadlines and technical requirements, we are always looking to meet your needs more efficiently and economically.

large cabinet weldments

Our engineers are experts at building sheet metal fabrications such as: Chassis manufacturing, Electro-Mechanical & Mechanical Parts Manufacturing Assembly Services, Card Cages, Large Frames & Enclosures Small Parts and Bracketry / Bracket Manufacturing, Complex Weldments / brazed parts & Precision Wire Form projects. Think flat metal parts manufacturing, and that is us. Our advanced equipment enables us to work with most materials, and to most metal thicknesses.

Some of our equipment includes: 5-Stage auto loading Amada, CNC Automated Laser Cutters, CNC Amada Turret Punch Presses, Laser and Turret Presses, Robotic Welding and Assembly. Finishing, plating and painting are always available and can be incorporated in your quote upon your request.